Friday, 30 September 2016

Day 4: Mo's Restaurant, Window Shopping and Beach Jog

The Cannonball Bowl, $8.95 at Mo's Restaurant. Yum!

Today is the day that we get to experience Mo's Restaurant.  Mom and Dad used to come here back before the Earth got dusty.  Our day started with a lovely walk on the beach. We thought to do this early since the weather was expected to deteriorate as the day progressed.  After we checked out all of the little shops on the main street at the north end of town.

Walk, shops, lunch at Mo's, back to camp, naps for Mom and Marianne and a beach run for Heather, back to the beach for all and then we are in for the night watching Robin Williams' RV on DVD.

Below are the pictures of the day and some interesting things we saw along the way.


Hmm, self timer holiday beach picture with the year written in the sand - f.a.i.l.

Walking the beach south of Mo's Restaurant today.

Then, we drove to the north end of town to check out the stores. 

Mariner Market - this store has a little bit of everything!

500 mL tetra packs of wine for $2.99  This would be perfect for camping!

We told Mom she was NOT allowed to buy any more yarn. 

Bruce's Candy Kitchen where they make their own salt water taffy on site. 

Every garbage can along the sidewalks have sayings on top. 

Mom is scoping out the tables at Mo's. 

Best seats in the house.

Hmm, lots of bunnies in Cannon Beach. . . . 

Can you see the stop sign?

After lunch, Mom and Marianne have a nap and I head out to jog on the beach.

Jockey Cap (left) near Silver Point at the very south end of Cannon Beach. Made it!

The rocks near Silver Point. Looks like Haystack Rock but is actually much smaller.

Taking selfies let me rest before heading back :). 

Haystack Rock. 

The sun came out again so I scurried back to camp to bring Marianne and Mom out. 

Best license plate of the day.

By the time we returned the sun was gone and the wind was up.  It was so sunny, she said.  It is so lovely, she said, You have to come, she said.   Yes, I am just a big, fat, liar.

Theresa's Family Market - Perfect for all of your food-like substance needs.
Marianne did not find any oranges, grapes or bananas here. Moving along. 

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Day 3: Haystack Rock and Ecola State Park

Cannon Beach RV Resort is a cross between a campsite and RV park.  One very delightful characteristic is  - - this park is blessedly quiet. It is set back off the highway and attracts the senior RV crowd.  As darkness falls everyone scurries into their rigs and silence reigns. 

We are out for a morning stroll. 

Costco quiche and frozen hash. Easy meals.

With the election looming in the States we were surprised at how few election signs we have seen. We could not miss this Trump sticker though. 

We strolled all the way down to the south end of the beach to check out Mo's Seafood Restaurant. Yes, it is still there. We will be back for lunch tomorrow. 

Crab for lunch. This Seagull tugged the still living crab out of the sand in the surf, flipped it over and proceeded to peck the belly open.  Ah, yuck. Happy crab lunch there Mr. Seagull. 

Lunch time in the sun. 

Time for me to do some marking!
In the late afternoon we head slightly north to Ecola State Park and Indian Beach.  The access road is a very narrow paved road that twists and turns for over a mile in dense forest.  It was an adventure but what a prize!  Indian Beach is a secluded piece of heaven.  The tide was going out which was nice for us but not so nice for the surfers as the waves were beginning to diminish.  We strolled 10 minutes down to the end of the beach to check out the rocks covered with various barnacles and sea anemones. 

In the far distance can be seen Sea Lion Arch Rock.