Monday, 29 June 2015

Day 8: It is a Bacon and Hot Dogs Kinda Day

Today was busy!

We drove to Madiera Park to get groceries and ice cream.

Seth sailed with Grandpa in the regular Garden Bay Sailing Club Saturday race.

With the heat it was all we could do to roll into the lake every 10 minutes to cool off.

The Mama's ain't cooking so it will be hot dogs for dinner.

Alex is following the NHL draft online.

Summer School is starting to ramp up. 

Hmm, I don't think this snake wants to be my friend. 

We re-homed him to the lily pads. 

Grandpa is floating by. 

Jordan is making lunch and reading at the same time. 

We like to sit close together as we follow the shade around the trailer. 

Yvette and Shaelynn play Cranium. 

Day 7: Here Comes Summer - Hot Summer Day

Sun, swimming and snakes!

Alex is making his way through some Harry Potter books. 

Hunting minnows from the sunken log. 

Hanging out with Grandpa. 

The cousins are here!

Tristan finds a snack within 10 minutes of arriving. 

One more fire before the Fire Ban takes affect. 

Day 6: Pender Hill and Dragonflies

Having blown through 2 GB's of cellular phone data updating the blog I have had to wait for a trip to Mom and Dad's cabin to update the blog. Sorry!

On this day we took advantage of the cloudy weather to hike up Pender Hill.

Hotel Lake is the main body of water seen here.
We are camped in the lower right-hand corner.
The water in the upper right is the ocean, Pender Harbour. 

After emerging from the larvae state, the dragonfly
must dry it's wings before flying away. 

Just about ready to fly away. 

Tip the dock with Alex, Dominic and Bailey. 

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Day 5: Loons, Beavers and Big People in Small boats

The fishing is good off the shores of Hotel Lake if you are a diving bird.

The three resident loons are regularly seen bobbing and diving close to shore immediately in front of our campsite.  What a pleasure to view these magnificently painted creatures. 

Mark may not be here to entertain us with his sailing heroics but not to worry - Micha is filling that role.  Today he tried to sail the Puffin II.  Hmm, maybe big people and small boats are just not a match. 

We enjoyed another dinner at La Verne's - yum.  This was followed by a great game of Quibbler back at the cabin.  We had to think of Auntie Biny who loved to play games and was a wizard with words.

Just before calling it a night Mr. Beaver dropped by for a late night lily pad snack. 

All is well - loons and beavers. 

Dominic and Grandpa - two peas in a pod. 

La Verne's for fish and chips. 


Well hello, Mr. Beaver!

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Day 4: Spiders, turtles and beer - oh my!

What a delight to be eased out of your slumber by such a variety of bird songs.  I cracked one eyeball open enough to see the loon feeding on the lake.  That was enough to get me out of bed and into my lawn chair with of cup of coffee.

Micha and the boys made a few trips to Grandma and Grandpa's cabin to get the kayaks and Puffin II (the yellow Optimist sailboat).  Grandpa had to courageously get the boats out of the spidery corner because Alex is not a friend of spiders.

The sunken log has a big piece of re-bar sticking out of it as the protective wood did not survive the year so it was off to the cabin to use the drill-press to form a new safety guard.  Dominic enjoyed pounding the new piece on with the hatchet while in the kayak.

Afternoon soccer had to pause while the local deer made their way nibbling through the field.

The rest of the day was all about swimming, hamburgers, turtle watching, fishing and the boys eating chips around the campfire.

Alex was definitely in his happy place eating chips right out of the family-sized bag by the fire.

Odd ball quote of the day by Dominic:  "Grandma is here, get the beer!"

I guess that just sounded nice to Dominic because Grandma does not drink beer :).

A good tree to hang the TRX from.
Mind that tall thistle to the right and the gapping 'critter hole'
at the base though. 

We pause this game to allow the deer to nibble on by. 

Someone is in your spot, Renata!

An evening turtle sighting. 

Each time a fish would jump, Alex would point out the location and
Dominic would cast his line in that direction.
No luck :(.