Saturday, 12 September 2015

Labour Day Weekend 2015 - Banbury Green, Skaha Lake, BC.

After five sleeps at home, [yes, we DO actually have a home] .  . . . . we are back on the road.

Not too far this time.  An hour south on the shores of Skaha Lake, BC.

12 teenagers
11 adults
6 campsites
4 dogs
3 nights

We scooped up the Kennedy kids and the hound for an early departure. 

Hungry teens must be fed.  We made it as far as the West Kelowna Wendy's. Ashton perfected Chilli through a straw as he just had his braces tightened. 


Cozy inside. 

Best office ever.

The Mama's walk down the old railway bed to Kaledan to check out the former Kaledan Hotel from about 1912. 

Four teens DO fit on the couch.  Whether the couch will sag or not is another question. 

Table top pool is a big hit.

The amoeba biked ahead of the Mama's on our Kaledan walk #2 and we caught up to them at a beach access. 

Hmm, there must be wifi nearby . . . .. 

Amusing ourselves in the Tickleberry's line in Okanagan Falls.
Ice cream!

My previous trailer has lovely new owners.  It is so great to see it making more memories. 

The 'sand pit' used to be the main attraction.  Now, just one evening of burying each other.
Later that night Dominic said, "Mama?!  I think I have sand in my hair".  Nice. 

Alexandre the pool shark. 

All good things must come to an end.  Swinging by some full service sites on our way out to empty the tanks. 

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