Thursday, 11 February 2016

One Month and Counting

No sooner had the Gypsy Wagon been tucked away for the winter did the planning begin. 

March break 2016 - where shall we go!?

Hmm, San Diego sounds nice!  I have subscribed to an online gym since October 2012 called Studio Sweat On Demand.  The workouts are filmed on location in San Diego and posted to the internet twice a week.  In January 2014 I started a secret Facebook page called Sweaty Friends made up of women from around the world.  We all subscribe to SSOD and work out at home.  Our Facebook group has become a wonderful place to chat about our successes and failures, get warnings about killer classes and encouragement when the balls are dropping around us. 

Alexandre and Dominic think driving 2,700 kms one way to do an in-person work out is a little bit out there. 

"Mama, they won't even know who you are.  That's creepy!"

Ah, but the fun thing is they WILL know who I am because they have worked hard to create a meaningful online space. And, I am a bit of an over-sharer and send them regular pictures :). 

Last year our trip was planned around a Vancouver Canucks game taking place in Phoenix, Arizona. This year it is my turn.  

So, Studio Sweat and San Diego here we come. 

Stay tuned - the Gypsy Wagon will depart for points south on March 11th. 

2,723 kms one way.  Kelowna to San Diego. 

It is hard to believe but in one short month the Gypsy Wagon will be stocked and ready to roll.

Need we ask!?  Oh course the Gypsy Wagon is thinking of me.


  1. This is great Heather. I can't wait to see and hear about your journey. Have fun, like I know you will!