Saturday, 1 April 2017

Day 9: Saturday #SWARM17 Event At Studio Sweat

Yes, yes, Day 8 is in cyberspace.  I'll get caught up with that later :).

Today was an early start as we signed up for an extra class with Trainer Rebecca at 6 am at Studio Sweat.  Oh my!

This was preceded and followed with large quantities of coffee.

The ladies were feeling fine so they decided to add a second 'extra' class with Trainer Bethany. Since I have already completed 8 classes in 8 days and there was still another 75 minute class to go later in the afternoon I had the common sense to kindly decline that amazing opportunity. I hung out with trainers who were getting their pro photos taken. That was very fun and much less sweaty.

We had a fabulous time with Trainers Mike and Brian. My four sweaty friends were on their third class of the day. Crazy!!

After lunch we had a wonderful nutrition seminar with Registered Dietician and Trainer Miriam.

Needless to say our afternoon and evening was spent back at our cozy beach house overlooking the ocean in Del Mar.  What a great VRBO find. We were not moving an inch.  It is 9:15 pm and I am the only one still awake :).

One more day tomorrow!
It is 5:15 am and we are leaving out nest?  Oh yes, Trainer Rebecca's class begins at 6 am sharp. Prepare to do battle!
Cara and I got coordinated for this one. 

My 8th class in 8 days. We are still smiling and can still move our limbs. It's a win. 

Then it's time for our second round of coffee before continuing on with our day. 

Janelle, from the Pacific Northwest.

Kelly from Minnesota.

Robin from Arkansas.
That's some amazing shoulder sweat!

Cara from Missouri.

Watching the photographer herd the trainers together.

Time for class with Trainer Brian and Trainer Mike.

The happy face of DONE!

After lunch nutrition seminar with Registered Dietician and Trainer - Miriam.

Our cozy beach house in Del Mar overlooking the ocean.

Cross those tracks with care!

Nap time for some.

Robin, Kelly, Cara and myself. We met, in-person, for the first time yesterday. 



  1. Love this post! So good to see you all together.

  2. Nicole - next time we have to smuggle you along!