Friday, 31 March 2017

Day 8: Swarm Begins!

Four ladies are travelling from various corners of the United States to meet tonight at Studio Sweat, San Diego for the first SWARM event.

This is where onDemand riders come to the actual place where all of the classes are taped in order to meet the trainers and each other.

Studio Sweat onDemand is like a Netflix service for Spinning, TRX and Sculpting classes that you subscribe to so that you can get 'er done in the privacy of your home at anytime.  I have been a rider since October 2012 about 6 months after they first started their onDemand service.

In that time, owner Cat Kom and her posse of trainers have become friends. How does that happen? Well, when there is a heart for reaching out to onDemanders it happened pretty easily.

This is my second trip to the Studio - it's like I was never away :).

One last sunrise coffee morning in the pool house in Encinitas, CA. 

Just in case the ladies can't find me in the arrivals area this morning - I am prepared. 

I am in the parking lot and the plane has landed!

Our first time meeting in person after chatting about Studio Sweat on Facebook for the last 2-3 years. 

We just have enough time to zip past a few landmarks before heading to the Studio for a class with AJ. 

Kelly and Cara getting ready!

Happy, happy. 

Trainer AJ. 

Showers and a little parking lot suitcase reorganization. 

Our first stop of many at the Seaside Market in Cardiff. 

Our beach house in Del Mar did not disappoint. 

Back to the Studio for a meet and greet followed by a Technique Matters class. When you work out at home no one is correcting your form. We find that their cuing online is so spot-on our form was rather fine - if we do say so ourselves. 

We are at the TRX station with Cat Kom. 

Kettle bells and dumbbells with Trainer AJ. 

Body weight exercises with Trainer Mere W. 

R is for 'Robin'. 

Tasty treats to wrap up Friday night. 

Trainer Mere W., Janelle, Kelly and new friend, Diana. 

Trainers Olga, Cat, Mere W., and Sweaty Friend Janelle. 

Cara telling it like it is. SSoD rocks. 

Trainer Bethany with Flat Silvia from Lyon, France who could not come.

Flat Silvia, Hrvojka and Cheri. 

Trainers Bethany, Cat and Brian showing the love to our Flat Friends. 

Birds of a feather. 

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