Thursday, 29 June 2017

Day 3: 54 Years - A Celebration

Mom and Dad celebrated their 54th Anniversary today.  What a blessing.

Today the boys were treated to pancakes and bacon.  I have patiently let the dishes sit for 2 days. . . but they made a group effort late in the day to get things cleaned up. Then they got to do it all over again at Grandma and Grandpa's after our anniversary dinner.  But, don't feel bad for them - they lounged all day - picked up leaves for a few minutes which warranted a picture - and then lounged some more.  They ended the day with a kayak fishing expedition at Hotel Lake in the growing dark.  We could hear them easily across the lake so we knew they were above water.

The bride and groom.

A strategically placed umbrella keeps the morning sun off the cherubs in their tent. 

The camp is ready for more Looney's and Friends.  

Each trip to and from the cabin brings another water craft. 

The downside to pancakes - the yucky bowl. 

The teens are here for wifi and showers.

But first, a little raking. 

Soon this space will be filled with Looney's and Friends. 

Rosie, the Camp Pug, is 13 this year. Wow!

Clearly, we need more boats!

Dishes, a group effort. 

Mashed potatoes in the Instant Pot. Yum. 

Jeff, Annette, and Mom give a warm Hotel Lake welcome to Cousins Mark and Shawna. One must honk upon arrival and departure as anyone in the camp gives a wave. We had one practice run about an hour before. Places!  Wave!  Hmm, did they get a new truck?  Where's Marks' boat? The windows are on the wrong side of the trailer - all as we are waving away. Oops, not Mark and Shawna - awkward! Oh well.

Getting ready for dinner at Mom and Dad's. 

We do a mean potluck. Who needs the Painted Boat (local fancy restaurant)? 

No wind, no bees, not too hot, not too cold. Just a few chattering squirrels and a 'healthy' looking racoon eating bird seed under the neighbour's feeder. 

Off go the Three Musketeers to catch the big one. 


  1. Looks like so much fun!! And the boys look so thrilled to be helping with dishes!! Lol... your making men, and good husbands for some lucky ladies down the road!! ☺