Friday, 30 June 2017

Day 4: Fish Tales

The boys walked down to the dock at Irving's Landing to catch their dinner. They said a bigger one got away because they had no net. Hmmm :).

3:50 am

Something is crinkling the loudest shopping bag ever.

Under my trailer.

Mr. Racoon has discover that the campers have arrived and is making his nightly rounds. Nice. No pictures of our furry friend  . . . .

Today was filled with the arrival of the last families, catching and cooking a flounder and enjoying time by the fire.

This morning the lake is like glass.

There is a creature in my bed.

Alex can sleep through anything.

A workout room with a view.

Time to learn how to clean a fish.

We are busy. Marianne and Calvin and their family have arrived.

Once a year camping friends unite.

Work on the fish is progressing.

It's time to decorate in anticipation of Canada Day tomorrow. Loving those free Molson Canadian flags.

Ashton has taken over and Alex brought some shade as things were heating up.

Time to park that trailer.

Frying the flounder in a little bit of butter.

Back to the set up. So much going on.

Dinner is served. They gobbled up every bite.

Things are filling up nicely here.

Spaghetti supper as we await the arrival of the Kennedy's.

Places everyone! The Kennedy's are here.
We have a chance to admire Jordan's racing medal around the fire.

Now this is more like it. 

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