Thursday, 2 April 2015

Day 18: Moab, Utah – Hiking Pamphlets and a drive along the river

We had a delightfully slow morning today.  It was a surprise to wake up and open the curtains and look outside as we had arrived in the dark the previous night.

The boys chilled and I worked.  From the campground you really do not see too much.  All we knew was that we were close to two national parks and one state park.  It felt rather overwhelming trying to figure out what to do so we took the advice of the lovely KOA camp ladies and drove to the Visitor Info center.

Americans know how to do interpretive centers well.  They have many helpful publications available for free and ranger staff who answer your questions as if you are the first person they have ever shared this information with.   They are patient and very, very informative.

The interpretive centers also often have a 12-15 minute movie that you can watch in a small theatre or room that provides a brief overview of the features of each park. We have become seasoned park video watchers!

Armed with information we drove back to camp for lunch.

This afternoon we took a drive east along the river for about 15 miles.  We were surrounded by towering red rock walls, needles, fins and formations of every shape imaginable.

It was a hot day and we were tired so this drive by site seeing was an excellent fit.  We stopped along the river at a sandy spot where the river rafts disembark and waded in the surprisingly cold water.

Back at camp the boys watched the laundry while playing ping-pong in the adjoining 60’s décor recreation room.

Spaghetti and BBQ chicken dinner and then some baseball for the boys.

Laundry time.

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