Sunday, 12 April 2015

Day 23: Kennewick, Washington to HOME!

326 Miles / 525 Kilometers

With the thought of reaching home TODAY we make quick work of breakfast.  And, because this was another one night stop we had not unhitched.

Today we pointed the Gypsy Wagon north and travelling north means we are close to home. The highways were small and not very busy.  It was a pleasant drive on a slightly different route than when we came south.  We left it all up to 'Fifi' our GPS. Driving north along Soap Lake and past Sun Lake Dry Falls State Park was exceptionally pretty.

I guess I am ready for home because we do not stop to take pictures. This is a little canyon like valley with small linear lakes that remind me of Vaseux Lake.  A perfect place for lazy kayaking and birding. Maybe I will have to come back here some day.

We pass over the Chief Joseph Dam on the Columbia River and soon we are nearing Omak, WA.  This is where we did our first, and only,  Walmart 'camping'. One last gas up and we are ready to hit the border.

I have a Duty-Free fail not once but twice.  On Day 1 I purchased 1.5 L of wine for a whopping $8.00; however, I never actually opened it. I get to the Duty Free thinking of purchasing a nice bottle of Crown Royal for the neighbors who looked after my home but realize no, that's 1.5 L of wine OR another bottle.  First fail.

My second fail was not pitching the wine out the back door of the Gypsy Wagon and getting the Crown Royal anyway.  I would have still been way ahead.  Unfortunately, I had to show up at my neighbors with the wine and confess my Duty Free fails. . . .so, you nearly had some Crown Royal but here is a cheap bottle of wine instead because I am not smarter than the Duty Free.  Sigh. Next time!

We get through the border with ease after sounding suitably sorry for bringing my small potted fern plant (your plant, Renata) along on the adventure; however, Micha is physically turned back to get rid of the small box of firewood that we have left over from our one fire in the desert at Lake Powell.  They will not just relieve you of your firewood, you must get rid of it.  So, Micha drove back into Oroville and dropped it off at the lakeside campground in town. We pull off and hang tight for 30 minutes waiting for Micha and Alex to return.

Driving through Osoyoos and Oliver is nothing short of magical.  A rain shower has recently passed through so all of the trees bursting into flower are glistening in the late afternoon sun.

Home is pretty good, too!

Our second to last gas stop in Washington.
Chief Joseph Dam on the Columbia River. 

Working on his bubbles while we wait for Micha to bring his firewood away. 

Lake Okanagan, driving north but looking south near Hardy Falls. 

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