Sunday, 12 April 2015

Day 22: Twin Falls, Idaho to Kennewick, Washington (Tri-cities area)

420 miles / 676 kilometers

When we checked into this campground the night before, the camp host was very adamant that we disconnect our water hose before turning in for the night due to an overnight frost warning.

I have to admit I was rolling my eyes to myself in my head as I dutifully said, "Yes, I will disconnect . . .. "  Because this was a one night rolling stop I had not planned to hook up the water anyways so it was easy to comply.

Well, wasn't I surprised to wake up to a thick covering of frost on the hood of the truck and yesterday's water bottle left in the cab frozen clear through. It was -6 degrees Celcius. They were not kidding about that frost warning!

Today is Good Friday and we have two fast leaking tires to deal with.  This is not a holiday in the US so the tire store was open and ready for business bright and early.  All I can say is $20 and 20 minutes later we were on our way.  Those tires were on and off the trailer so fast I didn't have time to get all of my e-mail messages read. Talk about service!

We had a long drive ahead of us so this unexpected quick start to what could have been a sad delay was gratefully received.

We pointed the Gypsy Wagon northwest and off we went.  We made a lunch stop at a park in Baker City, Oregon.  We stopped here to visit the Oregon Trail Interpretive center on our way south. This time we turned into town and pulled up to a grassy park with many tall shade trees.  Let's just say the park squirrels were super-sized and just a little bit aggressive!  They were ready to have our lunch for us.

Back on the happy highway for another few hours of smooth rolling highways on our way up into Washington State.

We are getting closer to home!

At dinner time we arrive at the Pasco KOA near Kennewick, Washington.

This KOA is large but there is plenty of room for two over-nighters.  They have an indoor pool, nice! The wind is brisk so we get the corners down quickly and off we go for a swim.  Dinner means more chicken.  Micha BBQ's it all up as we cannot take raw chicken products north over the border. I boil up the rest of the eggs, too.

We are amazed at how many units in this KOA park appear to be long term stays as they are located right beside a very loud highway.  Maybe these people are hard of hearing?!  I think I will be hard of hearing if we stay too long.  Despite the traffic noise we are glad to be off the road, plugged in and cozy for what we hope is our last night on the road.

Dominic is blowing to see his breath but the camera just does not catch it.
Glad we got to use the winter gear at least for one day!

The tire shop had the Gypsy Wagon cranked up and the tires off
so fast I almost missed it.

I hung out for a little bit while the boys made their way to McDonald's, one of just a handful
of 'eating out' meals. 

Pascoe, Tri-Cities KOA near Kennewick, Washington. 

Dominic thought this was an 'old people' pool.  No jumping, no horseplay, no diving
and the pool was very shallow from one end to the other.
Yes, it was not the most inspiring pool but it was better than no pool!

Cooking up the eggs. No more egg donations to the border guards. 


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