Thursday, 18 August 2016

Day 2: Lake Louise - The Crack of Noon Club

Since I promised the boys that this would be a REAL holiday I resisted the urge to wake them up so that we could get to Lake Louise itself before 10 am, as recommended in the park brochure.  The crack of noon club is alive and well. Although all of the parking lots were crammed and jammed with all manner of cars and motorhomes, we found rockstar parking when a couple passed in between the line of circling cars, right in front of us, allowing us to take their spot. Bonus!

We had a leisurely 4 km out and back stroll to the end of the lake.  Tourists abound parting with their money to canoe on Lake Louise in cheerful, red, canoes.  Living in British Columbia this did not peak our interest.  It did make for a pretty scene on the lake though.

It was amusing to watch the chipmunk-cross-Richardson's-Ground-Squirrels (not sure what they were other than overfed chipmunks) flit in and out of the rocks.  Dominic first enticed them with an empty hand then with some berries picked from nearby.  When he took a moment to eat his granola bar the critters we VERY interested.  Domo shooed them away though as feeding them people food is never a good idea.

Why so many pictures of the boys?  Well, they were posing so I was snapping. Mothers of teenagers will appreciate the importance of capitalizing on these rare opportunities.

In the afternoon, we biked around the tenters' campground and along the river but have yet to see a real, live, bear.

Maybe tomorrow?

As soon as the motorhomes leave their spots for the day these little creatures come out to check out the pickings. 

Despite the overcast weather, Lake Louise never fails to be a marvel. 

Just in case you thought we had the place to ourselves :).

Alex, walking on the mud flats at the end of the lake looking back towards Chateau Lake Louise. 

One last one for the road.