Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Day 7: And, we have a bear! Bow Valley Parkway and Moraine Lake

Moraine Lake, Banff National Park, AB. 
On our last full day in Banff we were getting a little bit discouraged at the lack of wildlife that we have viewed. So far, some female Bighorn sheep on the road up to Mt. Norquay has been it.

Our strategy included driving the Bow River Parkway from Banff to Lake Louise.  No. No wildlife for us. We ended up in Lake Louise and decided we might as well go up to Moraine Lake which we had not yet done on the days that we were camping in Lake Louise.

Well, if a handsome black bear didn't step out of the forest and amble across the road right in front of the truck on the way up to Moraine Lake.  There was no time to get the iPhone unlocked and my Canon had the long lens on which is no good in low light. So, we just screeched and looked. OK, maybe I was the only one screeching.  Before we knew it the bear was gone.

Moraine Lake was another easy teenager tourist stop as you just jump out of the car there it is!

Dominic had googled skateboard parks and had his heart set on the park 25 km east in Canmore. Off we go to Canmore!

We faithfully stopped at many of the pull-outs but there was no wildlife to be seen today.

First World War Internment Camp memorial. 

We passed the train and then it caught up to us again. 

Really, there was a black bear in there.  Somewhere. 

Now that the camera is out . . . the final approach to Moraine Lake.

No filters - just super blue. 

Good times with the goof-balls. 

Since we did not have our cameras ready for the real bear, this one will have to do. 

Side trip to Canmore for Dominic. 

Approaching Banff from the east one last time. 

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