Friday, 19 August 2016

Day 3: Field, BC Low Effort, High Reward Tourist Stops

Field, BC.  Looking east towards Mt. Stephen. 

Being true to my word we only stopped at places that can be viewed in less than a 15 minute walk from the truck. Many were under 5 minutes.

Spiral Tunnels off Highway 1.
Takakkawa Falls
Kicking Horse River and Yoho River Confluence
Spiral Tunnels off Yoho Valley Road.
Natural Bridge
Emerald Lake
Field Visitor Centre

Tomorrow we move to Banff so today I let the boys sleep in.  Usually I would get my work done online while the boys sleep in but because the system is offline for our yearly break all I could do was enjoy my coffee and read.  I must admit, after 2 hours of that I was getting antsy.

Just a bit chilly this morning.  Feeling sorry for the tenters. 


As I read and savour my coffee there is a steady exodus of rental motorhomes as they go out for a day of exploring. 

Travelling west from Lake Louise towards Field we quickly see the Spiral Tunnels pull out. 

The Spiral Tunnels - an engineering marvel. 

At Field, we head north on Yoho Lake Road on a well-paved but curvy 14 km road to the trailhead for Takakkaw Falls.  Hmm, this is an interesting sign.  There are many warnings that vehicles over 24 feet are not recommended and warnings that you may not tow anything up this road.  They were not kidding. There is a short, three-legged switchback where the only option for the tour busses is to drive up one section backwards. 

Beautiful vistas on our way up. 

Takakkaw Falls is about 900 feet high.  The access path is fully paved and very easy.  The website says it is a 15 minute walk but we were there in about 5 minutes. Feel the mist, hear the roar.  The pictures are nothing compared to reality. 

We even saw some very brave climbers waaaaaaaay up there. 

This is a small pull-out on the Yoho Lake road.  We stopped on our way back from the falls. 

This was as good a shot as I could get. Lots of trees obstructing the view and no main pathway down - just some sketchy, steep goat trails.  We took a pass.
200m down the road there is another pull-out with a view of the Spiral Tunnels.  This is on Yoho Lake road, not the main Highway.  Good luck - we see a train approaching.  If you squint just right you can see what appears to be two trains at different levels.  They are traveling in opposite directions but are, in fact, one single train. Cool. 

A quick ride west along the #1 Highway scoots us just passed Field.  We turn north and drive a few minutes to see the Natural Bridge. This is a slit worn through the rock.  Interesting!  You can walk over a very unnatural bridge to view the natural bridge. 5 minutes here and everyone is happy. Moving along. 

5 minutes drive further along this road will bring you to the end of the road and Emerald Lake.  Another chance for people to pay $45/hour for a rental canoe, eat at a restaurant or purchase gifts.  Again, 5 minutes and a few pictures later we were all done :).  "It's another lake, Mama."

Back down the little road, a few kilometres east along Highway #1 and we are in the booming metropolis of Field, BC. They have a lovely rest area with lots of parking, large visitor's centre and a small lake/pond for swimming. They even have some cool fossil displays as this is the gateway to the Burgess Shale. 

There was a very long CP train waiting its turn to go east through the Spiral Tunnels.  A perfect picture opportunity.

After dinner we all cycled into the Lake Louise Village to get our magnet for the RV fridge to commemorate our time here and to sample their ice cream.  How delightful to enjoy our dessert as the train passed. It was interesting to see the railcar 'art'. 

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