Saturday, 20 June 2015

Hotel Lake - Our Favourite Trip of the Year!

The Gypsy Wagon rolls again!

At 6:40 am a very sleepy Dominic crawled into Mr. Thirsty and off we went.  Alex is staying another two days with Micha so that he can play in two more Bantam A Baseball playoff games.

Such an early departure on a Saturday meant that we scooted over the mountain passes and across Vancouver's bridges with ease.

We arrived at Horseshoe Bay with plenty of time to spare. It is a short crossing to Langdale and then a twisty little business driving another hour and a smidgen to Pender Harbour.

After turning the Gypsy Wagon around in the cul-de-sac, I thread the needle and back it down the driveway like.a.boss!

Then, it is off to LaVerne's Fish and Chips for dinner.  Yum.  All is well.

Interesting sites and happenings:

  • We passed the Ride2Survive bikers on their one day Kelowna to Delta Cancer fundraising relay ride near the summit of the Coquihalla connector. 
  • The Coast Guard hovercraft is spotted zooming past Bowen Island. 
  • Sadly, I run over a bird.  It was a direct hit under the passenger side tires.  I kept thinking it would move.  No, it didn't. 
  • We saw the conclusion to an outdoor wedding at the Hotel Lake campsite as we passed by on our way to Mom and Dad's cabin.  A beautiful sunny day by the lake, big tents. . .. just make sure they disappear in the next few days because you are in our spots! I am getting territorial after all of these years :). 

All good trips begin at Tim Horton's. 

How to navigate the toll booth:  Roll down window, extend hand with credit card,
do NOT look at the receipt, carry on. .... 

Selfies on the ferry.

There's no place like Grandma's!

Ah, smell the ocean air!

A trip to John Henry's for the paper, of course. 

Time for dinner at LaVerne's Grill. 

Deer everywhere - all is well. 

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