Monday, 22 June 2015

Day 3: Getting Some Turtle Love at Hotel Lake

The day started just after 4 am for Micha and Alex but boy did that pay off.  They were the last vehicle loaded on to the 9:25 am ferry from Horseshoe Bay to Langdale.  They made it in record time!

I moved the Gypsy Wagon to Hotel Lake this morning and no sooner had I pulled the truck away then I hear the traditional honking of the horn as Micha and Alex came within sight of the campground.  Generally, being the first to arrive and last to leave, I never get to honk my horn at anyone.  Oh well, I do get the longest stay!

Lee Bay is still as we enjoy our morning coffee. 

Sanding boards to prepare them for painting. 

A great way to wash dusty plastic lawn chairs. 

Ham Dinner at Grandma's house. 

Save that turtle!
A quick evening paddle to check on the pair of Loon's floating with their noses tucked
under their wings and it is time to say, "Good night!"

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