Sunday, 21 June 2015

Day 2: A Sailor's Delight

"Make sure you take down the wind chime before you go to bed!"

But alas, I forgot.

It is 4:10 am and there is a slow steady dinging sound creeping into my dreams.  Is the carbon monoxide detector going off?  Is that the alarm for the water pump for the house?  No, too quiet. . . as I slowly emerge into full consciousness I realize it is the wind chime that I neglected to disable before going to bed.  Sigh.  I'm not going out there - there are night creatures!

Thankfully the birds begin to chirp shortly after which masks the sound and I drift back into dreamland.

Things we saw today:

  • The neighbour's cat sunning itself on the front steps. 
  • Eagles, harbour seals, a Canada Goose resting on one foot sunning itself beside the ocean waters, Jelly fish. 
Today, Father's Day, saw the Garden Bay Sailing Club return from their two day race to Secret Cove and back.  Dad enjoyed the race down yesterday and the group dinner that followed.  Luckily he was able to get a ride home and did not have to overnight in a tent.  This morning Mom drove him back to the Lady Jayne for the second leg of the race. 

We manned the spotting scope with anticipation as each boat came into sight around Francis Peninsula.  Zorro's boat, a lovely homemade double-master, is typically last.  We had cause for alarm when Zorro's boat rounded the headlands before seeing Dad.  What happened?!  How could Dad not be ahead of Zorro!  We learned later that Zorro retired early and did some power-sailing (motoring while still having all sails up). Phew. 

The neighbours cat on Mom and Dad's steps this morning
was not too sure about this intruder. 

This year's crop of tobacco for Dad's pipe. 

My morning coffee spot. 

The hummingbird is having a rest. 

The sailor is getting ready to depart Secret Cove on Day 2 of the race. 

Dominic was pleased to note that this year he is tall enough to
look through the spotting scope. 
Yippee, the Lady Jayne is in sight!

The Lady Jayne, heading into the harbour. 

The Lady Jayne entering Fisherman's Resort. 

Safely home again. 

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