Sunday, 3 July 2016

Day 12: Pender Hill

Making the most of a sunny day by the lake.

Rise and shine - Happy Feet. 

We are perfecting our 'slow'. 

Hmm, it is a little windy out there. 

Extreme low tides and very gusty winds have cancelled the regular Saturday harbour race.  Some boats cannot get out of their mooring places for the exposed rocks. Plot shift - we are now hiking Pender Hill.  

This short hike never disappoints. This is the view looking south towards Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. The south end of Texada Island is seen to the right and the Thormanby Islands are to the left behind the trees. 

Alex is perching on the rocks over looking Hotel Lake. Our trailers are seen to the right (near) and Pender Harbour is seen in the rear (right side). 

This Dragon fly is newly emerged and drying its wings. 

Roger and Mark kept us well entertained. 

The rest of the gang has arrived!

It's a reunion amongst camping friends and cousins. 

Landing is always a source of entertainment. Today the winds were particularly swirly so this was great fun - for the audience. 

With each aborted landing the crowd of looky-loos grows. 

Battle stations - here they come!!

Jordan and Uncle Roger.

Cramming the trailer in there, by committee. 

Table top pool is always a hit. 

Ah, now it is time to relax. 

Shango smells an apple. 

Crockpot Sausage Lasagna and Caesar Salad for Mom and steak and potato salad for Dad. 

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