Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Day 14: First Aid, Fish Dinner

We are always glad to have our friend Renata around because she is the first aid Queen.  Today she was on-call for Jordan's ocean rock scraped foot and Carson's knee which was split open after an early departure from the rope swing. Ouch. 

Until next time, Roger and Ike!

Oh, it is time for the Party Dock!

Everyone comes to admire the 'catch of the day' from the Irvings Landing Dock. 

The fishermen each enjoyed a few bites. 

Time to light some fires with the magnifying glass. That never gets old.

Renata is ready for every eventuality. . . . 

We are not sure why Dad is looking so jolly. Carson is in pain!

Emma hangs out with the Loenen and Friends gang until her Mom gets back from the hospital with Carson for stitches.

Fun with laser pens!

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