Thursday, 7 July 2016

Day 16: Rain, Rummoli and Fish and Chips at LaVerne's Grill

This morning the heavens gave forth and we all hunkered down in our trailers for the morning.

We took turns heading over to LaVerne's Grill for fish and chips so as not to overwhelm this small establishment. Yum!

Of course this means a short walk to the Garden Bay marina and a trip through John Henry's to touch everything and maybe get some goodies.

We ended the day with a rousing game of Rummoli and got out the umbrellas around the evening fire.

And the rains came down . . . . . .

Out came the fishermen but the fish were elusive. 

Discussing the finer points of awning angles.

One big boat in Garden Bay. 

There's nothing like fish and chips at LaVerne's Grill

Unless of course, you don't care for fish and chips. . . .

New owners means new decor at John Henry's. . . 

This is one big egg. No wonder the box wouldn't close. 

What happened to our sun?

Time for Rummoli under the awning. 

My Mom caved and baked Chocolate Chip cookies to send back to the camp when the boys went over to have a shower at the cabin. 

Emma is back for some campfire time and a hot dog. 

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