Friday, 1 July 2016

Day 10: Canada Day - Hotel Lake Arrival Rituals

Happy Canada Day.

It did not really feel like Canada Day today as many from our group were still arriving.

Oh well, we had a typical day getting everyone backed in, boats organized, and the Molsen fridge put in place for those in tents (that's our story and we are sticking to it).

Mice chewed through my two black tire tubes in Dad's workshop this year - too bad :(. At least the orange Party Dock was safely stored in Kelowna and should be in one piece.  That said, it has not been party dock weather so far.  We are having happy hour on shore.

Service Project - pumping out the bilge on the Lady Jayne for Grandpa. 

Left over picture from yesterday - the arrival of Micha's fridge from Grandpa's basement. 

It really does not feel like Canada Day with only a few of us here. More Loonies arriving soon. 

Teenagers - highly skilled at seeking out wifi.

Real strawberries hiding on the top of the fridge for Dad only, not for teenaged  boys.

The boys coming back from the forest where they take their Swordfish, code name for the pellet gun, wrapped in a beach towel.  Make sure you bring the fish food, code for pellets. 

Roger's home converted electric bike. Fancy and fast. 

"It goes FAST!"  Jeff takes Roger's electric bike for a spin.

Kestrel, Carson and Emma have arrived.  Our long time camp friends from Site #11. 

Bailey is not excited about this adventure opportunity.

Shango is happy to be at camp.  This girl is 'ending well'.  Despite her arthritis, if you are eating an apple, she is velcro-dog. 

Mark, Shawna and Camille and Lucas arrive!

Lots of visiting opportunities.

Roger's dog, Ike. 

The Hotel Lake welcome salute.  Campers wave to the arriving family as they honk their horn enthusiastically from across the lake. The Kennedy's are here. 

The year is the year of the Crock Pot.  Spaghetti dinner for a crowd. 

Evening campfire and the day is a wrap. 

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