Sunday, 6 August 2017

Scotch Creek Lookout Trail - Pontoon Boat Pop Up Hot Dog Stand

Our smokey view of Shuswap lake from the Scotch Creek Lookout Trail.

Yoga has given way to higher pursuits in the form of 4 x 4-ing up to the Scotch Creek Look Out trail.  This was a short 15 minute drive up into the hills behind the campground followed by a 1 hour, return, stroll through the forest. Low effort, high reward hiking!

The boys are busy with their bikes, legendary games of Uno, chips, and dips in the lake. Today, the gang rented a fancy pants pontoon boat to try their hand at tubing and mid-lake swimming. Nice.

Since that is not my thing we stayed back to provide the SS Pontoon with a pop-up hotdog stand at the campground dog beach.  The hungry herd descended and devoured everything in sight.

Now for a lazy afternoon of cleaning up in preparation for our departure tomorrow and some quiet time.

My 6:20 am crunching and munching visiting deer. . . . I was wondering who was walking through the brush between the sites so early in the morning. 

An easy rolling forest trail. 

We will have to do this again next year when the smoke has cleared. 

The scene of Part 1 of the legendary Uno championships. 

Naan Pizza - put any leftovers you can find on the naan and bbq for 5 minutes. Yum!

There is no shortage of things to watch at the beach. 

The Mama's . . .... 

And, the Papa's . . . .

Just a pink flamingo going by . . . . no big deal.

What is making all that racket in the tree above us?  A friendly Pileated Wood Pecker.  

Bailey going for one last swim in the setting sun and rising moon.

This morning Bailey guards the cooler bag and towel bag as the boys try to wake up early to catch a ride on the SS Pontoon boat.

And, they're up!

The advanced party acquired the craft and is now at the dog beach ready to pick up the gang.

Off they go!

And, they are back for lunch, whoa horsey!

Our pop-up hot dog stand is ready!

The hollow legs have been filled and they are off for round two.

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