Thursday, 30 June 2016

Day 9: How Many Ways Can You Say Lazy Day at the Lake?

- Do not change their clothes without serious prompting.
- Enjoy eating, anything
- Are very inventive: Let's ride a child's kayak with two of us!
- Gravitate towards jack knives, axes and fire. 

Breakfast in yesterday's clothes. 

Micha cooked up bacon, onion, pepper, potato hash. 

When are our friends coming?  It is getting lonely here. 

Alex 'treated' himself to a Hungry Man tv dinner from IGA yesterday.

Bailey was not too sure about this but was as obedient as ever. 

Two boys, one small boat. 

Always game to try something new. Somehow 'riding backwards on a pig baby monkey' comes to mind.

Soft tacos for dinner.  More meals. . . .

Fire and knives. 

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