Thursday, 6 July 2017

Day 10: Loons, Turtles and Hospitals, Oh My!

I have been slacking on the blog so the first part is 'catch up day' with photos that I missed downloading.

After our amazing hike up Pender Hill yesterday we relaxed by the lake for the remainder of the afternoon and evening. Mom was experiencing her typical irregular heart beats; however, they were extra irregular coupled with a very high heart rate (130-150 bpm). When this did not correct itself after a few hours Mom, Dad and I drove to St. Mary's in Sechelt to consult the doctors. Mom was admitted overnight and thankfully her ticker was restored to its regular irregularness in the middle of the night after a few different medications were administered. Armed with a whole new set of medications Mom arrived back home the next afternoon.  All is well.

On the Sunshine Coast you never know what you might see. Airplane carcass anyone?

Dominic and Ashton riding in the kid kayak.

Ashton and Dominic. 

This is more like it. Abby and Shaelyn in the kayak, Calvin swimming the windsurfer in and  Alex and Ashton paddling toward Dominic and Bailey on the dock.

Marianne and I relaxing by the log. 

There goes a turtle.

Potluck memories. 

Marianne knows how to live.

Nap time?

Bailey loves to camp.

After a long day trapped in the Gypsy Wagon working (yes, I work) this hit the spot.

The Kennedy's dine on pie filling toasted sandwiches made over the fire. Stuffing a marshmallow in the middle was the perfect touch. 

They won't mind - we are searching for the baby owl that is calling for supper. Success!


Do not let this happy face fool you - this was NOT fun.

Here begins the actual happens of this day. Very few pictures as it was a full day at the 'office' getting summer students off and running in their courses.

Responding to e-mail on your phone and making breakfast did not work out so well for me.

Look who is back!  Mom is home from the hospital and stops by for a short hello.

Yes, those rhythms are 'off'.

I escape the Gypsy Wagon office at 8:30 pm to have some rib dinner with salad as I watch this intense game of Rummoli. 


  1. Glad Jayne is OK. I was friends with the hospital administrator and the chairman of the board was my manager at the Bank of Montreal, when we lived in Seychelles.

  2. What was Jayne in the hospital for?