Friday, 7 July 2017

Day 11: A Snake Eating a Fish, Why Not?

It was a happily uneventful day at Hotel Lake.  We began our day with coffee and an eagle show. There were four eagles and a host of ravens soaring over Pender Hill on the currents.

A work gang chopped and stacked all of the wood Marianne and Calvin collected over the Easter weekend so the wood shed is nicely stocked again.

Things were spiced up in the afternoon when Jordan popped up with a snake that had a small minnow in its mouth.  Poor snake, he had his meal interrupted. Next, Jordan caught a dragonfly with his fingers followed by a larger, non-dining, snake. Cool!

We were suitably entertained by Brian and Dad in Puffin II, Mark on the windsurfer and a variety of swimmers and floaters.

The day ended with the beaver passing by with a deliciously fresh branch for his home.

The boys were cut off from taking showers at Grandma's everyday after she cleaned the bathroom this morning; however, they did get to occupy the comfy couch to soak up some wifi this evening.

With the province experiencing wildfires at every turn we are not sad about the campfire ban. A hearty game of Harry Potter Clue kept the gamers entertained.

Alexandre got up to pour a refreshing glass of water for himself. . . at 4:20 am. This is my view at that bracing hour.

There are 4 eagles up there . . . somewhere. 

It was a blustery day in camp today. 

Jordan has nimble fingers. 

Snake #2.

We commiserate with Cailtyn who chose to leave her dish-duty for two days. 

Tristan explores the depths.

Micha takes Bailey for a ride.

Mark takes advantage of the brisk winds on the lake.

Renata relaxes in the sun.

Mark switches crafts to try his hand with the windsurfer. This tiny board is not best suited for the lighter winds on the lake. 

Brian tries out the Optimist.  Surprisingly, he does not take on too much water in this position.

Mark and Shawna end the day with a calm float.

Oh, Brian is catching on fast.

Dad's turn for a sail.

Ashton, Dominic and Alexandre walk along the log.

Brian and Renata are checked out by the local pirates.

Time to visit in the late afternoon sun.

The beaver is building his home.

The comfy couch at Grandma's. 

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