Monday, 3 July 2017

Day 7: A Camper's Delight

Monday, fun day. 

No witty words for a second day in a row.  

Dragonfly nymph exoskeleton after the adult has emerged, dried and flown away (just before I arrived to take a picture). 

Hmm, maybe Dad can splice the bottom and top together?  Check out the bend in that metal cuff. 

The front sail, drying.

It is as lovely as it looks which is why this is year 10. 

Shaelyn and Marianne.

Mark and the Laser II. 

Renata is coming to join the party dock.
Calvin tries out his new to him windsurfer. $50.00 great deal!

The winds are light so things were tippy. 

The boys are finally getting into the lake. 

No wind calls for antics. Whatever works.

Alex, Dominic and Ashton finally get in to the lake.

Beef short ribs on the BBQ with mashed potatoes.

Alex is riding a virtual rollercoaster on Mark and Shawna's race day BBQ door prize.

Beaver! In the fading light we notice something swimming across the lake. Last year we did not see any signs of beaver so this is a welcome sight.
A good night to all. 

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