Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Day 9: Hand In Hand Up Pender Hill

An eagle rests on the log in Hotel Lake for some time.  We are amazed at its beauty.
[Photo credit: Mark Loenen]

Slow and steady as she goes. . . 

There are plenty of natural rest stops along the way. 

Why not accessorize? 

Looking south towards Vancouver Island. Texada Island is prominent along the right-hand side. 

Carrying-on to the Hotel Lake lookout.

The annual Come As You Are Family and Friends photo.  My jump is captured perfectly. Someone has to press the button and run back into the picture. 

A group selfie allows a better view of Hotel Lake (left) and Pender Harbour (left).

Dominic, Ashton and Alexandre.

A well-earned rest in the shade.

Dominic and Micha.

Renata and myself.

The Gypsy Wagon rests below on the edge of Hotel Lake.

They can't get a away if you hug them!

Newly emerging life from beneath the moss at the lower levels.

We spot two deer having a drink as we drive to John Henry's for snacks.

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