Monday, 24 October 2016

Day 1: The Gypsy Without the Wagon - San Antonio, Texas

It was mentioned to me today that having an online educators conference in-person was a just a little bit odd.  And, I must agree; however, it is a delight to be doing something face to face as opposed to meeting virtually.

Today I travelled, without the Gypsy Wagon, from Kelowna to San Antonio, Texas via Seattle.

Here is how it went!

With my alarm scheduled to go off at dark'O'thirty, I managed to sleep soundly until 3:10 am. Then, that was it. A good breakfast at the White Spot by the gates in the Kelowna airport was in order. Giddy up, this is going to be a long day.

6:30 am hopper to Seattle. 

Good morning, Seattle!

Time for a few hours of work by the window.

Lunch to go. 

I wish these planes had the in-seat screens that showed you where you were on the map. This must have been Utah? Moonscape for miles. 

Fractions anyone?

A few puffy clouds as we begin our descent.

Hmm, lots of dusty roads going nowhere.

The northwest end of San Antonio wants for nothing. New subdivisions and mansions with pools. 

The weather is looking promising!

Souvenirs everywhere once you get off the plane. It did not take long before I heard my first, "y-all . .".

I was the only person on the AVIS/Payless car rental shuttle bus to get out at Payless.  Hmm.  Oh well, one cupcake car for me. Everyone else was renting Audi's and SUV's over at Avis. That's nice. 

Bruce H. you've got your own avenue. Who knew?!

So many interesting places to go.

The Tower of America. Well isn't that handy. The conference is at the base of this structure and my accommodation is just south of it. 

The light was fading fast and I was trying to navigate so I only got a few pictures. This is a very different area as compared to the northwest side of town with all of the new subdivisions. Many empty homes, no new homes at all. 

I have an AirBNB room for one that is part of a home. So, I have some company on the other side of the wall which makes this WAY less creepy.

My entrance is around the side. This looks extremely sketchy in the evening light. I will take some more pictures tomorrow. Lots of people out walking their dogs and riding bikes this evening. 

I dropped my bags and took a very quick drive around downtown to check things out. 

What might this be?

I've never heard of Whataburger but the drive-thru line was long and with no grocery stores in sight this was looking like all I was going to get. 

My office for the evening. 

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  1. Heather:

    You seem to have another great day with many interesting experiences. The area of town you have selected for your room is a bit scary. So take care of yourself. How do you feel about those people on the other side of the wall? do they have a Trump sign out front?

    Good Night!