Friday, 28 October 2016

Day 5: And Just Like That, It Is Time to Go Home.

I find myself driving away from my accommodation, south of the city, for the last time as I head downtown for the final half day of the conference.  Funny how that works. Laying in bed trying to fall asleep that first night this moment seemed like an eternity away.

Our agenda had one last keynote plenary session. I had only skimmed the program but was not expecting much. The Power of One?!  What's that?  Is this going to be an Oprah Winfry inspirational 'you have the power within' to accomplish anything?  That goes against everything I hold dear theologically.

Needless to say, this ended up being one of the most powerful and moving presentations that I have had the blessing to be a part of in a very long time. Hmm, Manny Scott has a M. Div.  How did I miss that?

Manny Scott's story is captured in the 2007 movie Freedom Writers.

Click here for a short summary article on a similar presentation given to a different audience few years ago.

Click here for more background info on Manny Scott.

OK, OK, back to the Gypsy without the Wagon. . . .

In the early morning light I snapped a picture of the community garden plot located in a small triangle of land bordered by roads on all sides. Unfortunately, there were no books in the Little Library .

Often I found it difficult to determine if a business was operational or boarded up.  Having traveled by this restaurant at night - this one is IN business. 

As we left the conference last night we were dodging fancy tuxedo-clad men with long-gowned ladies on their arm heading into the Hyatt for the Texas Businessman's Awards.  This morning we are streaming into the venue along side many interestingly costumed Comic Con participants. 

It's Michael Jackson!

This REALLY was a great workshop, really :). 

At the end of the last workshop, my table partner pulls out this 3-lb cinnamon bun to show me. I immediately begin to hoot and said, "I know where that is from - Lulu's Bakery and Cafe!'.  When an acquaintance heard that I was going to San Antonio they said that I have to go check out the 3-lb cinnamon buns at Lulu's.  I ran out of time and really did not want to actually buy one - I would be happy to just take a picture of one; however, how awkward is that?  Excuse me, may I take a picture of your cinnamon bun?  Well, problem solved!  

I am happy to be flying as opposed to driving. Now I can see that the many long stretches of moonscape on my inbound flight must have been as we flew over Utah. 

And the homeward journey begins. 

Goodbye, San Antonio. It was an experience!

Beecher's in the Seattle Airport. Yum!

They call it the World's Greatest Mac and Cheese.  I must agree. Mind you, at 11 pm Pacific Time - it was 1:00 am for my body. Oh well, it went down like a dream. 

Oh dear, how did I end up with all this stuff?

Home Sweet Home.

The next morning - back into good routines to undo a week of sitting and eating. 

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