Saturday, 1 October 2016

Day 5: Floating away in Nehalem Bay, OR

One last look at Haystack Rock as we relocate a whole 20 minutes south to Nehalem Bay State Park

Today we had a very brief relocation cruise about 25 minutes down the road from Cannon Beach to Nehalem Bay State Park. Mom and Dad used to take the family here in the late 70's - early 80's. 

This State Park is located minutes south of Manzanita another quaint coastal town. We thought that Manzanita sounded like it belonged in Mexico. 

The wind and rain politely paused during our pack up, drive and set up.  After that though all bets were off. No sooner did we get our coats and boots on and set our toes upon the dunes did the wind stir up and the heavens give forth.  That was around 2 pm and park is still being watered. Oh, those poor tenters. . . puddles on top of puddles now. 

In the late afternoon we ventured out in Mr. Thirsty to explore Manzanita.  Cute shops and a very well-stocked grocery store complete with a Saturday afternoon wine tasting booth. Nice!

Now, are bellies are warm with Costco chicken pie.  We are in for the night and ready to watch Pride and Prejudice. 

All is well in the Gypsy Wagon. 

Loop C, Site 46.

We hope to walk these beaches.  Perhaps the weather will dry up a little tomorrow. 

The overhead washing services held off while we set up. Now, we feel like we are in the extreme car wash that never ends. 

Don't lose Mom!  The winds were fierce and the rain was coming in sideways. 

Quick, take the picture.  Retreat!

Lush dunes give way to the evergreens in the campground below. 

The rain is my fault - should not have bought new boots. 

Cutesy little book store. 

Outside the bookstore was the most beautiful Passion Flower vine (passiflora). 

We took the advice on Yelp and heartily agreed that this little store has everything you could possibly need.

Dominic goes by Domo and Domino. I bought this wine thinking of him and his last league soccer game today. Cheers!

Row upon row of neatly organized shelves. 

We are starting to get used to these contradictory signs. . . 

Snug as bugs in a rug. 

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