Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Day 9: Home Always Looks So Good Especially After Ruining your Windshield

The view crossing the bridge into Kelowna.  Just about home.  

It was a second day of thinking I would make an early start. Today a big shopping mall near the Tsawwassen ferry terminal in Vancouver, BC opened with the lure of $100 and $50 gift cards galore. Needless to say the George Massey tunnel that travels under the mighty Fraser River was backed up in a tremendous way.  I tried to keep my cool as the cheater-cheater-pumpkin-eaters cut into the tunnel lane along Steveston Highway at every possible opportunity. Towing the Gypsy Wagon means I am forced to be law abiding. Well, abide I did for over 30 minutes in what should take 5 minutes. It does not sound that bad as I type it now; however, at the time, I was not feeling super patient. 

Approaching Kelowna, BC, you come barrelling down a 30 kilometer hill to be treated to this view looking south over Peachland towards Penticton. Home!

Earlier in the day after finally getting through the tunnel my peaceful South Langley bliss was ruptured by a high velocity rock striking my windshield. It sounded like a bullet.  Well, no need for coffee because I am awake now!

I pulled through KP Tirecraft to put in an order for a new trailer spare tire and received a recommendation for windshield replacement, too.  Tomorrow.

The Gypsy Wagon is home. 

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