Thursday, 27 October 2016

Day 4: San Antonio Sampler - Making The Most of My Last Full Day

How many experiences can you pack into your last full day in San Antonio?


The morning started off with breakfast and our first workshops.  In an effort to move our blood, we have taken to leaving the convention centre during the mid-morning break to slip over a block to the lobby of the Marriot Hotel where there is a lovely, seemingly secret, Starbucks.  

This involves walking over large grates embedded into the sidewalk.  The first grate I crossed over roared loudly but puffed air out in a unimpressive way.  The second grate was virtually silent; however, it packed a windy punch.  Today, I was wearing a flowing summer shift dress.  Can you see where this is going? Oh, dear. For my colleagues who turned at my surprised screech, the need to scrub their eyes was very real. It was not the kind of bonding moment that I had in mind. 

Moving right along. 

More workshops, lunch, workshops, ice cream break, workshop.  Phew.  Tonight there are no planned events so we get to choose a restaurant on our own.  One colleague knew about The Granary which apparently won the Bon Appetite magazine's Top New Restaurant in Texas in 2014.  Alrightie, BBQ here we come!  He did not steer us wrong - we sampled all manner of tastey tidbits. 

One final walk around the downtown core and we call it a night. 

Here we go again - Continental Breakfast.

Getting down to business. 


Time to move our bodies with a quick twirl around the River Walk mid-day.

Strolling through the Alamo learning about quilting and other aspects of low tech living. I would not have made a very good pioneer.

I am not sure what these Koi have to do with the Alamo but they were very peacefully swimming by.

3:30 pm ice cream break.  Oh my!

Another quick stroll around the River Walk before we head out for dinner as a group. I texted pictures to the boys and Domo thought this would make a great pencil holder for his desk.  Alexandre took a pass on all things souvenir - 'No thank you, Mama." 

The River Walk is a lively place. There are patio restaurants and touring barges passing by complete with the tinny sound of the driver/guide's voice as they impart historical knowledge.  At times, it felt like we were the 'show' as 20 faces stare up at you from the barges slowly passing by. 

Every item needed an explanation. What a complex set of flavours!

Charcutierie - assorted cured meats and preserves. 

Smoked Octopus - black bbq sauce, radish, pickled lime potato chips

Suckling Pig - maple spoon bread, red currant gastrique, hazelnut

44 Farms Beef Clod - coffee quinoa crunch, tomato caramel, pickled celery, corn bread. 

Barbecue Board - brisket, sausage, potato salad, baked beans, buttermilk bread, pickles and bbq sauce. 

The Alamo at night. 

And then you can turn around from The Alamo to see garishly decorated horse-drawn carriages. What a disconnect.

The tourist barges are still floating on by!

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