Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Day 3: Ready, Set, Eat.....I Mean, Learn!

Today was the first full day of the conference and my first full night of sleep. Joy!

There are around 3,000 delegates at this conference; however, despite being a massive building with many guests this operation is running like a well-oiled machine. Cheerful staff at every turn bearing trays of this and that, seemingly all day long.

Some workshop hits some misses but overall a very informative day.

Aren't you glad that pictures don't count as calories?! Me, on the other hand - well, I get congratulations for resisting the 'big-as-your-head' cookies. Mind you a rather shocking amount of other grastronomical delights did make it into my belly. Tomorrow I must exercise more restraint.

The Tower of America - guiding my way. 

The Henry Gonzalez Conference Centre - it is a big place!

I started off well for breakfast.

These cookies are literally 5 inches across - easy.  No, No, No.

Then there was a little bit of this. . . . 

Time to head back for the second keynote address over lunch. 

Most of the gang is already here. 

Wow, that was some serious lunch.


After some more sitting it was time for warm pretzels and full packages of M & M's and packages of peanuts. Really? More food? Twist my arm.

More sitting followed by an outdoor dinner reception. It was actually much nicer than this picture suggests but it was dark where we were. 

I missed taking shots of most of the food as we were standing at talk tables clutching plates and a drink. 

Hmm, there are those cookies again. I went for the fruit because that cancels out the cake and M and M's. It's the new math - didn't you know?!

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