Saturday, 25 March 2017

Day 2: Studio Sweat, Cabrillo, Coronado

On our first full day in San Diego we started off right with a sunrise coffee over looking the pool.  Not too shabby!

After some speedy like lightening Saturday morning marking we were off to Studio Sweat so that I could do my first ride. It was a live-feed meaning that the class was being broadcast live to subscribers.  Many in my Sweaty Friends group participated and really got a kick out of seeing me in the front row.

We then headed downtown to clamber over the rocks at the Cabrillo National Monument.

Next on the agenda was a stroll along the beaches in front of the famous Del Coronado Hotel on Coronado Island [link to map]

We ended yesterday with donuts so I thought I had better pick up my game this morning. 

This morning's office. 

Studio Sweat is all abuzz as they prepare for their live feed class. 

Trainer Bethany saved me a seat of honour in the front row. 

Getting a little rest while chatting with Studio Sweat owner, Cat Kom. 

Trainer Bethany is on to me. "Move faster, Team Canada!' 

Then, it is back on the bikes to end things off. 

Phew, finally getting that heart rate down now that class is over. 

There are a few more classes in my future. 

The cliffs at Cabrillo State Monument overlooking the tide pools.
Many pelicans and cormorants sunning themselves down below. 

Down we go!

Hmm, tide pools, eh?  We saw the odd mini sea anemone, one tiny cluster of baby gooseneck barnacles,
some limpets, mini snails and 2 tiny crabs. Nothing of note; however, the rock formations were very interesting and beautiful. 

This was a great place to have an orange and listen to the crashing waves. 

Air show, pelican-style. 

Juan Cabrillo. 1542, sails into modern day San Diego. 

Looking east towards San Diego. Lots of schooners and, not seen,
massive technical sailing vessels suitable for the America's Cup. 

Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery is seen on both sides of the road at
the neck of the peninsula as you approach and leave the Cabrillo National Monument. 

So the yogurt and granola was at 8 am, Studio Sweat SpinSculpt at 9:30 am, an orange at noon. It is now 3 pm. We saw a man with the most delicious looking banana split outside the Del Coronado Hotel so I asked him where he got it. We go there, $13 USD for two small scoops of icecream.  Hungry but not THAT hungry.  Yelp finds us a Mexican fast food chain store 200 metres way. Two big happy burritos for $11.00.  Done deal - we are ready to go walking again. 

We cruise through the lobby of the Del Coronado Hotel and feel like we are back on the Holland America MS Zaandam. 

We secretly wondered how much these folks paid to sit in the hot sun and wind to drink champagne while doing a directed painting of the likeness of . . .. . The Little Mermaid. It was a head scratcher!

Marianne is snug as a bug as we end our first full day. 

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