Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Day 5: La Jolla - Seals, Sealions, Brandt's Cormorants and More

These, oh so civilized, coffee mornings are a wonder to behold.  The wicker swings were too fun to resist so try them we did.

Today we snaked down the coast one small lane at a time.  Beach after roaring beach greeted us at every turn.

We stumbled upon the Torrey Pines Gliderport. Some have years of practice and literally flop open their airfoil and step off the cliff. Others. . . were practicing. No sooner would they get the airfoil aloft than one corner would crumple and they would start all over.  With so many intricate lines to control it appears to be harder than playing the harp. But, the rewards are great when the skill is mastered. They soar like the birds with effortless ease on the updrafts along the ocean bluffs.

In La Jolla we are rewarded with creature after creature to hear, see and smell (oh my!) in our 1/2 mile walk along the ocean.

Did you know it is taco/burrito Tuesday at the Seaside Market?  We were well aware and made sure to be back in Encinitas in plenty of time to pick up fresh dinner before my 5:30 pm SpinSculpt with Mere W. at Studio Sweat.

All winter I looked at the AirBnB pictures of this swing.

Torrey Pines Gliderport.


La Jolla

I zoomed in for this one. We are not that close. . . because WE can read (see below). 

It became sadly obvious not that everyone could read.

This baby seal was fresh as was evidenced by its still-attached umbilical cord. 

Seals everywhere.  Easy to see when there is a nicely raised seawall walk with railing to keep everyone and everything where they belong. 

While we are treated to seals at every turn on the west coast of British Columbia it was still a delight to see Mom's with pups basking in this safe haven. 

This California ground squirrel was not afraid. Not one bit. 

There is a white Egret waaaaay down there. Little white dot. Much better in person.

Pelicans and a Brandt's Cormorants preening in the sun.
Rather smelly creatures. 

Food for thought in the retaining wall. So true. 

This is a majestic place. 

A few steps later we come across a group of Sealions.  One was singing the 'song of his people' loudly and proudly. The smell they produce was equally amazing. We moved along!

Upon closer inspection of the Brandt's Cormorants nests just below the sidewalk we see all are tending their young.   Each has 2-3 eggs or hatchlings of various ages from newborn to fuzzy teenager babies. We have a perfect view. 

From La Jolla, we drive a few miles south to Mission Beach to soak up the ambiance. 


Our favourite market. 

Burrito Tuesday.  Tri-tip, please.
Cilantro, black beans, rice, Tri-tip, cabbage and more. $7, what a deal. 

Interesting views on the street of our temporary home.

Marianne is guarding the pool. 

It's off to Studio Sweat for class number 4. 

Trainer Mere W. gives us her all. 

Last but not least - a T-Shirt for Dominic. 


  1. Heather and Marianne: The relentless rain, absence of sun and dreariness on BC's wet coast this spring is lifted each morning by your cheerful reports and dazzling pictures. When I come down in the morning Mom first directs me to view your blog with her. It is appreciated, much!

    Nature is wonderful. Those seals against the rocks are completely camouflaged, the pictures of the surf and ocean views evoke grandeur, awe and the wild flowers are cheerful. How interesting that you first show a pod of seals stretched out on the beach followed by a very similar picture but this teem of humans. Do we imitate the seals or the seals copy us?

    In some picture Mom and I must look hard to tell which of you it is. You do look alike. We wish you another full and beautiful day! Love Mom and Dad

  2. Well, this is a thought-provoking question to be sure! Marianne has sagely suggested that we are imitating the seals because they were here first.

    In my exercise followed by junk food stupor I defer to her wisdom - she IS the older sister!