Sunday, 26 March 2017

Day 3: Trainer Mike, Balboa Park, San Elijo Beach Dinner

We are finding our groove here in San Diego.  Early morning coffee with the songbirds and then it is off to Studio Sweat to ride, this time, with Trainer Mike.

Trainer Mike is a regular in my weekly onDemand rotations. I appreciate his eclectic music and road riding style. No extra words, just a Zen-like focus on technique.

With three no shows, there was only myself and one other rider today - what, what!?  I know that 9:45 am on a Sunday is not for everyone; however, people are missing out.

Marianne held the fort in Encinitas so I zoomed my way back there after the ride.  No sooner had I arrived than the Great Canadian pool challenge was issued.  Was I going into the pool?  Of course. The water temperature was 16 degrees Celcius or 61 degrees F.  No problem. It actually felt great after a few moments. Really!

So far - I've had coffee and water. Why not head over to In-N-Out to pollute my body?!  It is necessary to dine here at least one time while in California. Super simple menu - burgers, fries, pop or shake.  Notice how it is not called a milk shake?  That was good for about 4-5 sips before you realize this is not melting.  Perhaps this is just a 'food like substance'.  Oh well, the burger hit the spot so I'm all good now with my In-N-Out fix.

Marianne had scoped out a free outdoor organ concert in the Balboa Park complex in downtown San Diego. Off we went. Tip of the day - do not actually take your car into this park on a Sunday afternoon.  In the park, the road was clogged and the small lots had anxious drivers circling like vultures. I dropped Marianne off at the concert with strict instructions not to move until I get back since she does not carry a cell phone.  Well, when I finally made it out of the park I scored easy parking across the street and was back in a flash - 10 minute walk. This lot is located at Park Blvd. and President's Way (link to map) and was nearly empty.

Our day ended with a trip to the Seaside Market to partake of their Sunday Tri-tip BBQ.  Carrying our treasure across the railroad tracks and through the San Elijo State Beach Campground, we found a sandy perch at the foot of the bluff.  Here we were treated to surfers, pelicans overhead, whale spouts far off in the distance, a single sand piper dancing with the waves and the magnificent sun filling our faces with joy.

A fitting way to end our 'out of routine' Sabbath.

With just two riders, Mike rode with us instead of on the podium. We were a fierce peloton.

16 degrees Celcius, no worries, I am Canadian!

In-N-Out Burger.  History, click here

In-N-Out Burger 

I think my eyes were definitely bigger than my stomach today.  A double was not necessary.

Balboa Park boasts the world's largest outdoor pipe organ.
Spreckel's Organ Society. Click here for history.
Webcast of today's concert of Marches in honour of it being the end of March. 

Fresh food for your take out pleasure: Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday's.
Two Burgundy Pepper Tri-tip Sandwiches to go, please.

Our secret path through the San Elijo State Beach campground to the beach below.

Pelican bird-show. 

Simple pleasures. 

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