Thursday, 30 March 2017

Day 7: Morning donut delight, Trainer Brian

To ease the reality that this is Marianne's last day we had a lazy coffee morning on the deck followed by an outing to VG's Donuts and the Seaside Market in Cardiff.

Eventually I dropped Big Bird off at the airport and headed off to class #6 on Day 6 with Trainer Brian.

Tomorrow I get to pick up three Sweaty Friends from the airport and meet a fourth one flying in separately. We have been in a Facebook group for about 3 years now and tomorrow will be the first time we meet in person. Can't wait!

So lovely. 

Kitty comes with the house.  She drops by throughout the day to inspect things and have a pet. 

Kitty's favourite thing is to rub against this planter. We're cool with that. 

The live feed class that I participated in on my first full day was released into the Studio Sweat library today. Nothing like watching the class instead of doing the class. 

Last time at VG's Donuts!

Marianne picked up a box of cookies to bring home. Yum!

Hmm, no donut pictures. I guess we ate them too fast. We did score some amazing beef barely soup at the Cardiff Seaside Market for lunch. I made sure to scoop all of the way to the bottom to get all of the meaty goodness. More Tri-tip. 

Kitty is sweet talking Marianne into some donut.  No joy for Kitty. 

Off she goes . . . . 

Hmm, fun cheap shirts at Target. Too bad Canadian Target was nothing like the US Target stores. 

Feeling fresh BEFORE class #6. 

After class with Trainer Brian - not feeling so fresh anymore :). 

Salmon quinoa goodness to end the day. 

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