Friday, 24 March 2017

Day 1: Kelowna -> San Diego 5 hours vs 5 days

Just one year ago the boys and I were well into our Spring Break RV extravaganza from Kelowna to San Diego. 

This year things are rather different.

Instead of 5 days, I arrived in 5 hours.

Yes, this is another Gypsy without the Wagon edition of the Gypsy Wagon Adventures.

This week I am vacationing with my sister at a lovely AirBNB in Encinitas, CA just north of San Diego. Next weekend, Studio Sweat is hosting a weekend for all of their onDemand riders. You may or may not recall that I subscribe to Studio Sweat onDemand which is like a Netflix for Spin and TRX workouts.  All of the classes are taped here at the Studio in San Diego.

This week shall be devoted to spinning at the studio, munching on VG's Donuts whilst walking on the beach and partaking in all things sunny.

You are welcome to follow along!

Was this really this morning?  5 am at the Kelowna airport seems like a lifetime ago. 

Thank goodness for a solid breakfast at the White Spot near my gate because my next food was a loooong time coming. 

We had an engaging 35 minute wait on the apron in Seattle waiting for our gate to be ready. Hence, no food or pictures while I cleared customs, got my bag, checked my bag, stood in the security line, followed by the 2-3 train dash to the furthest possible gate. But, alas, that plane was delayed so all was well.

Ah, the ocean.  I was even able to spot San Elijo State Beach campground from the air.

Sisters!  We have already been asked if we were, 'Sisters?  Twins?'

First stop - VG Donuts, Cardiff By The Sea

Right around the corner is our favourite grocery store.
More for looking than actually buying. 

This corner brings back memories of last year. We navigated this intersection many times on trips between the campground and the store. 

Hang 10 - surfer guy. 

Standing beside our camping spot from last year. Site #39 was a delight. 

A chocolate glaze for myself and a Pinecone for Marianne. 

If you squint just right you can see a happy marmot/ground squirrel munching away on the lush foliage. 

We check into our Pool House digs and see three hot air balloons rising in the distance. 

Mexican take out from El Nopalito on Sante Fe Drive. 


  1. Judgeing from the food, you have a lot of spinning to do!

  2. Today's menu; doughnuts, Mexican food and waiting for the next installment of the Wagonless Gypsy. Have a wonderful time with your sister.

    1. Thank you, Julie. We will do our best to have fun - I don't think it will be too difficult here :).