Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Day 1: Kelowna to Pender Harbour

Feeling a little lonely on the BC Ferry. 

School's out and this Mama is, "Off Duty".

Last night was our final Elementary Awards night as Dominic has now completed Grade 7 and is high school bound.  The boys still have soccer and baseball and Micha has another block of shifts. However, I am footloose and fancy free.  As long as I have cell phone signal and power - work just follows along.

Being up with the birds allowed the Gypsy Wagon to make an early get away from Kelowna to Pender Harbour on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. First stop - Tim Horton's in West Kelowna, of course. By Hope, Mr. Thirsty needs refreshing so in we go for a quick gas up and another coffee.  Then it is smooth sailing right through to Horseshoe Bay.  Lucky me, there is just enough room for us on the noon sailing.  I had barely arrived and we were loading.

Getting off the boat was another matter!

Apparently a really low bed truck scraped along the upper ramp while exiting.  I was stuck on the ferry with two large trucks for about 20 minutes while sledge hammers were scrounged up to knock some ramp plates back into place.  This little lonely time on the ferry made for some interesting pictures.

As I snaked up the coast highway the sun slowly disappeared and the drizzle began - ah, feeling right at home.  We always joke that I soak up the rain before the rest of the gang arrives at Hotel Lake.  Someone has to do it.

The Gypsy Wagon is happily situated on the driveway of the cabin. Dad is busy building chairs and writing while Mom is knitting bears and cooking. Life is good.

Sights of note:

Stellar's Jay, Boat House Squirrel, seagulls bobbing out front at low tide slurping up intertidal delights, the requisite Sea Span barge spotted as I drove past Davis Bay and lastly, just now, I spied an otter merrily swimming past out front.  All is well.

The Gypsy Wagon crammed and jammed on to the ferry. 

Just about to dock in Langdale. 

It was really odd to be on a nearly empty ferry deck. 

The crew is busy at the upper end of the ramp encouraging
some deck plates back into place with a few sledge hammers.

The Gypsy Wagon is bringing up the rear. 

Homemade burgers for dinner. 

Deep thoughts!

Can't beat this view even on a rainy day. 

Lots of new bears to admire before they go off to Canada Comforts. 

The coveted 'corner of the couch'. A perfect place to mark a few assignments
while keeping a close eye out for otters porpoising by. 

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