Thursday, 23 June 2016

Day 2: Van Gogh chair, Creative Exercise and Deer Delights

A typical day at the cabin.  Coffee morning with Mom, a trip into town to sniff around The Barn thrift store and get some groceries at IGA, a little bit of work, and lots of effort trying to avoid exercising.

After a blustery day the sun has popped out and we are being treated to a young deer munching the shrubs down by the water.

All is well.

Nothing says coffee at the cabin quite like Mom's yellow cups.  Dominic's Mother's Day flowers survived the ride yesterday and have a happy home here near the window.

Where there is a will there's a way.  The top of the boat trailer makes a great TRX anchor.
Now, if only the internet signal were a bit stronger down in the boat house. . . .

This book is the inspiration for Dad's Van Gogh chairs. 

This woven seat is coming together!

This looks just like the picture - no Pinterest fail here that's for sure.
Looking good, Dad!

Texada Island is blanketed by a late afternoon storm. 

This fuzzy looking deer spent 30 minutes munching away down below the window.

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