Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Day 8: Camp Life - Kraft Dinner and Pugs

Our first full day at Hotel Lake.   We made the best of the good weather by sampling all that camp life has to offer.

Stocking up at the IGA in Madeira Park, swims to the dock, hanging out with the Rosie the Dog, ping pong on the warped table, and learning how to cook Kraft Dinner. 

All is well.

Mom and Dad are in Victoria for the graduation of Asher and Shaelyn. Today they celebrate their 53rd anniversary, too. We will celebrate together on July 4th which is also Dad's birthday.

Good morning, World. 

Supporting the local economy and keeping three boys fed. 

Kraft Dinner cooking lessons. 

Rosie, the camp dog, pauses for a selfie with me in the field. 

An evening slug checking out Dominic's boogie board. 

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