Friday, 24 June 2016

Day 3: Daniel Point Hike and Meatloaf Delights

As much as we like to think that things stay the same, they don't.

Today we learned that after dealing with cancer for 10 years a very dear and long time friend of my parents passed away. Although expected the news was abrupt and jarring.

Dad and I took a hike to Daniel Point to check up on our favourite Arbutus tree. Slowly, it is dying. This much loved tree was the sight of many pictures with children hanging off the low branches. As we walk down to the water, we are reminded of how much Uncle Eddy loved to sketch and paint in this very place.  I am honoured to have one of his paintings of our arbutus tree hanging in my home - a reminder of Uncle Eddy and this special space.

We drove past Hotel Lake today to scope out our camping spots.  They are renovating Cabins #1 and #2 for the private use of the families that together own this treasured little parcel of camping wonder called Lakeside Camping.  It will be the first year that our 'camping friends' from Victoria will not be at Hotel Lake the same week that we are.  Those cabins are no longer for rent.  Things change.

What has not changed is the splendour of creation evident at every turn.  We are mindful to be grateful.

This is a blessed place to be.

Sea urchin remains - river otter lunch. 

Dad is tending his tobacco crop and Mom is returning from John Henry's with today's paper. So, some things do not change :). 

Mashed potatoes Pioneer Women style - cream cheese and butter.


  1. well said and written !!! Love reading your blogs Heather !

    1. Thank you, Lorriane. Glad to hear that you are enjoying following along. I started this blog as a way to keep Mom and Dad up to date and also as an easy way to make my photo books. Since I generally at least a year behind in that department - this blog helps me remember all those little details :).

  2. So sorry to hear about the passing of your family friend. You, Heather, are adorable. I love your selfies. Have a great time with the family.

    1. Thank you so much, Juley. She had a deep faith in Christ so we rest in His hope.

      This week the family will slowly trickle in for this coming week. My favourite week of the year!