Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Day 7: Relocating to Hotel Lake

Ah, our move to Hotel Lake and the Lakeside Campground has finally come.  After working in the morning I got the Gypsy Wagon ready for a very short relocation drive from Mom and Dad's oceanfront cabin to the lake about 1.5 kms away.

Micha and the boys left Kelowna at 5 am and made quick time travelling over the Coquihalla to the Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal north of Vancouver. A short ferry ride and a little more driving and soon I can hear them honking as they round the final bend on their Hotel Lake approach.

Camp is surprisingly full as the July 1st holiday fell on a Friday this year. Typically, the place is deserted for the first few days.  That is OK, it is a little more cheerful this way. We look forward to the rest of the group arriving in a few days. Soon, sites 1 through 5 will be full of Loenen's and friends. Nice!

The boys are getting older. This is the first year that they have not terrorized the minnows.  But, walking along the submerged log to get to the Tippy Dock never gets old.  They rounded out their day by sitting around eating chips, throwing the football in the field and watching The Hobbit on their computer in their own personal drive-in theatre under the stars. Not bad, eh?!

Here they come - horn honking all the way. 

The Tippy Dock is alive and well. 

The best camping spot ever. 

An office with a view. 

Dominic and Ashton sharing deep thoughts on the dock. 
Camp hair, don't care.

Chips, Calvin and Hobbes and Archie comics. 

The Loon has been spotted!

This log is always delightfully slimy as we are usually the first to walk it each season. 

An office with a view. 

An evening walk up the hill to check out the ocean sunset.

The Hobbit was playing at the teenager-only outdoor theatre. 

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