Saturday, 25 June 2016

Day 4: David vs Goliath, Pie and Kayaking

Saturday means 'Race Day'!  The Garden Bay Sailing Club faithful gather to cross the line at noon to scoot about the harbour.  Typically, it is more like drift and float around as lately it has been windy everyday except Saturday. 

It felt like David vs Goliath on the water today. I did not get a shot of it; however, we spent some time jockeying position on the line with Aura, a 50-something foot Hunter.  We felt small.  When they are behind us all we can see, up high, is their rather sharp looking anchor hanging from the bow, bearing down on us.  It is not a pleasant feeling, really. 

Crossing the line in second place shortly after the gun we were well placed at the start of the race. The winds in the harbour are fickle.  A few pockets of calm and we were soon being passed.  In the end though, on corrected time, we came in 4th out of 9. Not too shabby. 

We spent the afternoon on the deck eating home made cherry pie.  And, I hauled the kayak down the rocks and slipped around the bay in the late evening sun. Nice. 

Here we mill about getting ready for the count down.  We see how many rules we can remember to out smart those big boats. Starboard tack has right of way!

Zoro on 'Lark',  another sailor/builder. 

Oh, how did that happen? They are passing us. 

Well, there are still a few boats back there. . . .for now. 

Time to tuck the Lady Jayne away. 

A pie with an 'H', for Heather.  Do I have to share?

Must undo the pie. . . . .


  1. Rob grew up in Newport, RI and sailed was a big part of his childhood. He likes your boat!

    1. My Dad built the Lady Jayne which is a Dragon class boat. You can follow it by searching Wooden Boat Building on FB. But, we don't post very often :).