Monday, 23 March 2015

Day 10: Phoenix - Desert Hike and Canucks Hockey

Wow, another sunny morning! I can see why so many people flock south in the winter.

Enroute to the Cave Creek Desert centre a short 20 minute drive north we saw the happiest horse ever.  It had it’s head stuck out of the side of the horse trailer going 60 miles an hour down the highway doing a happy-dog impression. It was swinging its head around with glee.

The address listed on the park website took us to the museum instead of the trail head; however, our 4 mile detour provided us with a drive through a small desert town subdivision which was interesting to see.  We got ourselves turned around doing a very old-fashioned thing:  turning where the park sign was instead of blindly trusting the GSP. 

To our complete surprise there was a campsite within this desert park featuring many full-hookup sites.  Next time!

The interpretive centre had a small display of live snakes and spiders just to get you feeling creepy before heading out.  Thankfully, we did not encounter anything other than a lone turtle in the large outdoor enclosure and one speedy small lizard-like reptile.

We hiked a very civilized 1 hour return trail up to an old mine site.  Along the way we were treated to flowering cacti and peaceful desert vistas.  Watch out for those ‘road apples’ left by the rental trail-ride horses! 

The pool called our name for the afternoon.

In the later afternoon we headed south into Phoenix to see an NHL game:  Phoenix Coyotes vs Vancouver Canucks.  As predicted the venue was only half-full and at least half of the fans were sporting Canucks’ jerseys.  Flags out, jersey’s on – we are ready! 

Time to refill tank #1. 

At 60 miles an hour this was one happy horse! He stuck his head out like a dog. 

Inside a dead cactus. 

Hmm, wonder what kind of spider lives here?!

Opening of the mine. 

Ah, the walking selfie. . ..

Watching the warm-up. 

The bear is READY!

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