Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Day 5: Las Vegas - The Strip

How delightful to wake up knowing that the Gypsy Wagon is not moving!

I mark best in the morning so I was up at 7 am to get a great start on today's work.  Marking at night these last few days has been a drag.  My mantra all through university was 'not doing anything after 6 pm'.  It's a good motto for me.  I do brainy things in the morning.

The oven in the RV is making quick work of pre-cooked turkey sausages to go with our eggs in the morning.  I know, who knew that pre-cooked sausages actually existed!?

Sunscreen, water, sturdy shoes, hats, backpacks.. . .it was like herding chickens but we did manage to get away at a decent hour to walk The Strip.

We parked at the MGM Grand and headed north.  Highlights for the boys were the M & M shop and the Coke Store. After that it was an endless stream of humanity, casinos, palm trees and super-sized everything.

We learned quickly that all of those characters in costume offering to stand in a picture with you were really after your money.

Las Vegas, as interesting as it was, leaves you with an overwhelmed feeling of just how far humanity has sunk.  The commercialism is staggering. I cannot help wondering how many drinks are poured in one day, how many hotel rooms there really are (10,000?), how much money is handed over to the casinos, how many plane loads of tourists seeking an escape come and go each day.

What is the point of Las Vegas other than excess and self-gratification?

OK, OK.  This is supposed to be a fun blog!

Well, we did enjoy the sights and delights on the strip today.  Dominic had fun picking some small gifts for friends at the M & M shop and Alexandre cracked a smile as he downed a rather yummy Cherry Coke float at the Coke shop.  We rode the elevator up to the Eiffel Tower restaurant to check out the view,  we saw the gondoliers in the Venitian but we surprised to see the noticeable propellor under the boat (is nothing real in Vegas?).  Focus Heather - no more doom and gloom!

After a hot day on The Strip we hit the pool - what a refreshing thing to do!

Alexandre complained so badly about Micha's rather 'crisp' garlic bread last night that he got the honour of being the Grill Master tonight.  He was very pleased with himself as he presented us with perfectly grilled garlic bread to go with our chili.  I was surprised that he didn't burn them because when I stuck my head out of the trailer to see how he was doing he was standing on the bumper of the truck peering over the concrete wall of the campground at the sites beyond - curious fellow.

Tonight, while I catch up on work and the blog, the boys are seeing at movie at the massive 18 screen movie theatre.  It's $5.00 Tuesday after all :).

Hey, who is in my bed!

Just a little crammed in here. 

Having no helmet makes it easier to smoke while driving. .. .

March Madness - thinking of you, Mike L. 

Big enough?

Palm trees for Marianne L. 

Budget lunch.  1 whole pizza with 8 slices for $24 or 2 pieces for $10 x 4?

Dominic is DONE!


Seen on the side of a big Peterbilt Semi/camper at a traffic light.
Saskatchewan plates, go figure!


  1. I love all the pictures especially the boys and also the Palm Trees. The boys won't forget all the extravagant glitter and over-sized everything such as the Harley tearing out of a building stories above the street.

  2. Looks like everyone is having a fabulous time! Are you camera shy, Heather? Not many photos of you. Now that its been a few days, we can see the sun effects and your lovely tans developing. Wish I was there:)