Sunday, 8 March 2015

It's All Coming Together

We were glad of the warmer weather this weekend which enabled us to do the final preparations in the sun.

Micha taught Alex and Dominic how to get all of that pink antifreeze out of the water lines. 

Dominic is perfectly-sized to squeeze into the end of the single bunk in order to access the inner workings of the hot water tank, with ease. 

Alex took a break to check out the books I bought at Value Village this week (Hey!  You are not supposed to see those yet!) while I made beds and loaded winter jackets. 

I re-rolled all of the hoses and cables and managed to get rid of a few extras that I really do not need to haul to Phoenix and back.  Micha is taking his trailer, too, so we will have plenty of extras. 

The Gypsy Wagon is full of fresh water and all systems are go!

I even managed to try out the oven.  With a Pampered Chef baking stone in the bottom, I crafted some amazing blueberry scones without burning them. Bonus. 

Five more sleeps!

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