Friday, 20 March 2015

Day 7: Pawn Stars, Mob Museum, The Strip at Night

While I worked this morning, Micha and the boys set off on a 'TV star search' adventure that took them to:

  • Pawn Stars' Gold and Silver Pawn Shop
  • Rick's Restorations
  • Count's Kustoms - car restorations
They had a fabulous time all round with Rick's Restorations being their favourite stop.  They knew the Pawn Shop was going to be small but were happy to catch a glimpse of Rick and his father (The Old Man) out back as they were overseeing some new construction. 

They came back to the camp brimming with stories in time for lunch and after we all hung out by the pool for a while. 

In the late afternoon we headed to the north end of town to check out the Mob Museum, have dinner at the Main Street Station buffet and then walk down Fremont Street at dusk to see the lights. .. ..and a whole lot more.  I think I feel the need to scrub my eyes out.  

We ended our day with a visit to the Welcome to Las Vegas sign for a few pictures and now it is time for bed. 

Tomorrow the Gypsy Wagon is bound for Phoenix!

The little pawn shop across the street is what it was all about!

Rick, from the show 'Pawn Stars', in the black hat.  Smoking and drinking an
energy drink.... yes, that about sums it up :). 

Rick's Restorations. No pics allowed inside as they are working on projects for
upcoming shows. Lots of actual work going on by the real people on
the show.

Looks just like the TV show!

Count's Kustom cars. 

Thankfully, this museum had a by-pass door before a particularly
graphic gallery.  Micha checked it out first and then the three of us 'took the door'. 

The boys are in trouble now! 

Main Street Station.  Fabulous wooden roof.
Buffet dinner, Alex's highlight!

Fremont Street at dusk. 

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