Monday, 30 March 2015

Day 14: Grand Canyon - Brighty of the Grand Canyon

This morning we walked south on the Rim Trail towards the Verkamp’s visitors centre were we found a stuffy and DVD of Brighty!

Years ago, my Mom (Grandma Loenen) started reading ‘Brighty of the Grand Canyon’ to the boys before bed each time they would visit Kelowna. At the last minute, I tucked the book into the trailer.  Smart thinking!

What a delight to stand at the Bright Angel Creek trail overlooking the canyon and imagine Brighty sauntering along thosße trails to the mightly Colorado river far below.

This park has a fabulous free transit bus system.  Blue loop around the village, trail head, visitor center and campground. And, Red loop along the canyon rim.  The Red Loop bus takes you on a road only accessible by bicycles and bus.  Walkers are let on and off at 6-8 prominent outlooks.  You can also walk all or part of the rim trail.  This bus ride is an 80 minute round trip not including your stopping time. 

We road the crowded bus to the very end of the loop getting off at Hermit’s Rest.  Here we paused for lunch at a picnic table literally on the edge of the canyon.  We caught the bus back towards the village, hopping off at two more scenic points.  At each point the canyon takes on another look.

Returning to camp in late afternoon, I hop in the truck and drive out of the park to McDonald’s to tap into their free wifi and work for a few hours.  It was not very glamorous but at least I can get caught up on e-mail questions and marking.  My cell phone plan has no coverage here so I am grateful for McDonald’s.

While I was away the boys chilled, made a BBQ supper and played catch. 

When the sun begins to set there is a distinct chill in the air.  Time to turn the heater on.

Before bed we watch the movie Brighty of the Grand Canyon that I picked up at the gift shop. In the story, it was said that rubbing Brighty’s nose brings good luck.  So, the stuffy of Brighty was passed around for a nose rub.  Warm Walt Disney fuzzies in the Gypsy Wagon tonight!

Walking to the rim. Soon the gloves and hoodies will
be shed as the sun shines. 

Yes, the Canyon is still there. 

So many layers.

The Red Loop bus to Hermit's Rest. 

This picnic table is as close to the edge as possible.

We even found a stuffed Brighty and a 90 minute DVD. 

The grand fireplace inside Hermit's Rest. 

Found overlooking the canyon at Hermit's Rest. 

Dominic is already ready for fun. 

Working in the McDonald's parking lot.
Not one of my more glamorous 'offices'. 

Trailer RV Campground. Our Grand Canyon home. 

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