Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Day 16: Grand Canyon to Page, Arizona

134 miles /215 kms

An early 8 am start.  We could not resist one last stop along the Grand Canyon rim for a picture as we drove east past the Desert Watch tower. 

Arriving in Page, Arizona we see red rock formations everywhere.  But, first things first, a stop at Walmart for a major grocery stock up.

The Glen Canyon Dam holds back the waters of Lake Powell.  This would look impressive except that we have recently been to the much larger Hoover Dam.  So, we think this is a little bit like a mini-Hoover.

What a delight to see that our campsite is located in the Glen Canyon National Park overlooking Lake Powell which is rimed with many bare, light colored, mountains.  Below is a marina bursting with houseboats.

After getting ourselves situated and the air conditioning turned on we decide a swin in the lake is in order.  Hmm, because the lake level is so low it is a rather long walk down to the lake.

Micha and Dominic go under water, Alex wades, Mama takes pictures. 

The water was crisp but also very turbid for the first 10 meters which was not inviting at all.  Luckily our campsite comes with an access pass to the Lake Powell Resort pool.  Now this is my kind of swimming!

In the afternoon we drive a few miles back to town to locate the meeting point for our Antelope Slot Canyon tour the next day.  And, make sure that our clocks are set to the correct time zone.  The tours are all sold out so it was good to have booked our spots online a few weeks before we arrived.

Trip Advisor suggested a stop at Horseshoe Bend.  I thought it was a pull-out beside the highway.  No, not quite.  We parked and walked up a very hot and dusty red sand path.  We crested the hill after about 400 m to see. . .. . another 400 m down the hill.  Let us just say that Mama was getting roasted by the boys.  Oh yes, just step out of the car, eh, Mama?!

This was a stunning site to behold –a plateau of rolling red rock approaches a dramatic 300m (1,000 foot) drop.  No guard rails, no nothing!

Despite the scenery, we do not linger.  It was somewhat creepy - no guard rails, kids and parents holding toddlers standing far too close to the edge for my comfort.  I was just waiting for an accident to happen. No fun. 

Another last minute left turn into a scenic view point payed off.  This time we climbed down smooth, wind worn red rock to view the dam from the down stream side. We must have done well because as soon as we begin to climb back up to the truck a tour bus arrives. 

One last stop up stream of the dam to sit on a bench in the setting sun.  Then, it was back to camp to relax in the shade.  Dinner was a feast of BBQ steak, potato salad and grilled garlic bread.  Micah bought two bundles of wood to build a fire after we take many photos of the pink rocks in the setting sun.  I even went on the roof of the trailer to get a paranama shot. We see some large rabbits, many ant hills and hear a lone coyote off in the distance.  We sit by our first fire enjoying the moon, Jupiter, Venus and countless stars.

Good night, Page. Tomorrow we are off to see the Antelope Slot Canyons and make our way north east to Moab, Utah. 

We cannot resist one last look at the Grand Canyon. 

This is a scenic view point is near the end of the Grand Canyon on a small arm.
It is shockingly high up but they have great rails.  I like that. 

Mr. Thirsty is THIRSTY!

Another last minute left hand swerve off the highway at
scenic view point. 

Horseshoe Bend, Page, Arizona.
Crawl to edge, hold out phone, retreat. 

Sitting on our bench we look at Lake Powell behind
the dam in the setting sun. 


  1. Third picture from the top - whose thumb-up is that near the lower left hand corner?

  2. Good eyes! I never noticed that :).